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Saturday, April 09, 2005

TCA - Knockout Tournament next weekend ...

Alright folks. It is here. Awesome weather is expected to be back in Bay Area and that brings more cricket along with it.

The knock-out tournament is around the corner. We've got to play hard. We haven't done particularly well in this kind of 15-0ver a side games with ever increasing competition every year.

A quick look at the statistics for 2005 would help:

  • Runs scored for: 151 runs in 40 overs with 19 wickets
  • Runs scored against: 114 runs in 20 overs with 18 wickets.
  • Wins 2, 1 match washed out, no losses.
  • Our league performance has been okay. Need to do better.
Again, it is a 15-over-a-side game. We need to be aggressive right from the start. Temperament is so important. We may do well on the Ortega Park for a practice session, but any competition is a different ball game.

Make sure that you are healthy and sleep well :) before the game. Keeping beer in check on Friday/Saturday night would help :)

Also, please make sure that you are a registered member of SatCC. Currently, Naresh, the wall & Nadeem, the great ball-finder :) is not listed there. Parag Bapat is also not listed out there. But till he lands from his marital heavens :) it is okay, I guess.

Go SatCC.


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