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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday CC romps to 2nd win at TCA Open 2006

Saturday CC were playing their second match in this TCA Open 2006 this morning against Discers. There was a lot of cloud cover as players assembled at John Horner for the game. Wasim was back for this game while Shiv missed out with a viral infection. However the opposition suffered today from a heavy Viral Infection themselves. Sounds crazy???? Read on!

Before the game began, one look at the ground and our Captain knew that this would be a high scoring affair. The John Horner ground presented scoring opportunities in all directions as well as a fast and somewhat uneven outfield.

Discers won the toss and elected to Field first. Their decision seemed to be vindicated as Nadeem was bowled in the second over of a Fast incutter. With last match's Highest scorer back in the hut, others would have to pick up the slack today. Naresh was in next. The score was moving along steadily when Naresh threw away his wicket of a juicy Full Toss. The Score was 16 when Kedar M joined the Not Out opener in the 6th over. What followed was a display of wonderful batsmanship.

The two batsmen began finding the gaps easily for singles and doubles, and the occasional 3s. The score had moved to 33 in 9 overs when Kedar M unleashed the first of his 3 boundaries. Both batsmen took the team to 40 without further damage at the break. As is the usual practice, guys were discussing potential scores and all felt that 100 seemed like a reachable target.

After the break, the tempo suddenly changed as Kedar started decimating the bowling attack and along with that the confidence of the Discers players. Boundaries started flowing from all directions as Kedar had a Pull Boundary, a Wonderful upper cut over covers and a straight boundary. The pair also collected a boundary of an overthrow as the fielding team wilted under the pressure. 25 runs came of the 1st 3 overs after the break when Kedar tried to hit one boundary too many and holed out at Long Off. He scored a wonderful 26 runs. All the shots he hit were clean hits and went exactly where they were intented to go. All of us outside the boundary line were in awe of his hitting. At that time, his partner was still there on 22 of 28 deliveries with one boundary of a misfield and a 5 , courtesy of the overthrow mentioned earlier. Nothing spectacular, really.

But any doubts that the overall score might suffer because of Kedar M's wicket were laid to rest by this Man. First, in the company of Madan, and then in the company of Kedar B, he went about collecting runs at a fast clip adding 2 wonderful boundaries of his own. He scored 22 runs in 15 deliveries after Kedar M's wicket and ended up carrying his bat as he was unbeaten on 44. Name of this batsman ??? VIRAL.

His awesome batting display saw SatCC score 115 runs in 20 overs. Madan and Kedar B chipped in with 11 and 9 runs respectively at a Run-a-ball. Viral effectively batted Discers out of this game as he mixed nudges and taps with text book drives and some pulls and swipes in the midwicket region.

With such a huge score to chase, the opposition required a quick start. But they had probably not accounted for the accurate and stingy bowling of Wasim and Shantanu. While neither of them got a wicket, they put the brakes on the scoring and by the time they were done with their spells, Discers had managed a meagre 24 of 8 overs, with Abhay getting a wicket in the 1 over he bowled during this time. This was just the type of bowling efforts we needed from from our opening pair. The 2 batsmen at crease tried to up the tempo a bit as Discers went into the 10 over break at 35/1. Scoring 80 of 10 overs was never going to be easy against SatCC with their quality bowling, which is, more often than not, backed up by some very good fielding.

Wasim started the wicket procession with a diving stop at Short Mid on to run out one of the batsmen. With Discers getting desperate, every one of our bowlers chipped in with a decent effort. With victory almost certain, our captain was able to utilize the bowling services of a lot of people in the last 10 overs. Kedar B, bowling after a long lay off, was a bit rusty but chipped in with 3 wickets. He was helped in particular by one special Gyanesh beauty, who took a stunning catch at short mid-on. Kedar B himself took 2 very good out field catches.

Gyanesh had a couple of wickets himself and Karthik finished things off by toppling the last batsman's stumps as Discers were all out for 82. And ohh yeah, Viral had a hand to play in the field as well. He effected a run out off a direct hit from the point region, with only one stump in his line of vision. The overall fielding effort was great with Gyanesh and Kedar B very effective and sure-handed in the bumpy uneven outfield.

This was a great win that had 2 great batting performances, a couple of brilliant individual fielding efforts and decent bowling from every one on our side. I guess there cannot be many complaints after such a dominating performance. But I, not always the voice of reason or logic or common sense on this team, cant help but point out to the 18 wides bowled by us. That aside, everything clicked today.

Now the key is to come up with similar performances while cutting down a whole lot on the Extras.

The virus that infected the Discers, Viral was an easy choice for Man of the Match Honors.


Pictures from Match against Koogu

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Here are the guys getting ready
for the Open Tournament 2006.

Winning start to TCA Open 2006

Saturday CC began their quest to win the TCA Open 2006 tournament on Saturday 12th Aug 2006 against Koogu 11. Saturday CC has performed admirably in the Open tournament the last 4 years.

While our form has been largely indifferent this year, this is a team of proud individuals who have set high standards for themselves and for the team. Winning the tournament is the only way that we will consider our season a success. Given these goals, it was extremely important to begin the tournament on a winning note. Saturday CC did just that, thanks to a supreme batting effort from Nadeem.

Koogu 11 won the toss and put SatCC into bat. Viral and Nadeem opened for SatCC. Both of them started carefully, getting their eye in and not taking any undue risks. They did a very good job of moving the score card with some wonderful running between the wickets. However Viral lost his wicket with the score on 31. Abhay was sent in next but he got out without troubling the scorers. Kedar M who went in next was looking solid and SatCC reached the 10 over break with the Score at 36 for 2.

Instructions for the two batsman were to accelerate without loosing wickets. Kedar M and Nadeem stepped up the tempo with some very good shots. Nadeem was looking very solid. He used the Offside field intelligently picking up gaps regularly with taps, cuts and drives. Both were looking solid when Kedar M backed up too far and was run out unnecessarily with the score on 53. Madan walked in next and continued the run scoring with Nadeem. The two ran hard and converted 1s into 2s and 2s to 3s on few occasions. The score had moved nicely to 75 when Nadeem lost his wicket trying to throw his bat. The score had reached 75 in the 17th over when Nadeem got out. But by then, he had done a wonderful job of holding the innings together. He scored 39 important runs. After his wicket, SatCC lost their way trying to up the ante and were all out for 83. The last 5 overs only fetched 21 runs while 7 wickets fell down. Had it not been for Nadeem's vigil, the innings could have folded even sooner.

83 was about 10-12 runs short of what we wanted, and the onus was now on the bowlers to make sure that Nadeem's innings would not be a lost cause.

Shantanu ensured that would not happen with a wonderful bowling performance. He got SatCC bowling attack to a wonderful start with a wicket in his very first over. Some alert fielding by Karthik at Fine Leg resulted in another wicket and Koogu 11 was pegged back immediately. The score had moved to 18 when Kedar M got Koogu 11 captain Gane Sugali caught behind by Shiv. Shantanu realized the importance of keeping the upper hand SatCC had gained and tightened the screws further with 2 quick wickets to have the opposition reeling.

Gyanesh came to the party and got a wicket with his first ball as he shattered the middle stump of another clueless batsman. Some fielding magic from Kedar Bapat and another wicket for Gyanesh had Koogu reeling at 24 for 8 wickets.

There were some late innings fireworks from the remaining Koogu batsmen but the final result was never in doubt. Koogu 11 innings folded for 52 after 14 overs. Shantanu returned superb figures of 3 wickets for 6 runs in 4 overs, while Gyanesh was equally impressive with 2 for 4 in 2 overs. The overall fielding effort was also very good and it was a convincing victory in the end.

Nadeem was rightfully named Man of the Match for his 39. This is a good start to the tournament for the team. The shortcomings that were apparent will be discussed, dissected and overcome in the due course of time. I will not go into the problem areas in detail here. But there's a long way to go in this tournament and it will require continuous improvement in all aspects of the game for us to go far in tournament.

Here's hoping that this start is a sign of times and will lead to even better results as we move on in the tournament.