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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ode to a Star ...

I can't believe it. The last post on our blog is dated 12/18/2005 -- that is more than 4 months ago.

I thought I had some time to write. I chose to write about undoubtedly the most popular SCC member -- Madan Joshi, MJ, HoshI, Arjun of SCC as Ahmed termed it once.

There is another reason why I chose to write about it. The number of players that are turning up for the Practice Sessions is waning this season. So, when I went to the usual venue at around 7.45 AM after a wake-up call from the ever-ready Abhay, there were only 7 players who finally showed up by 8.30 AM. When I reached the ground the first question I ask Abhay is, "Madya Kuthey (Where is Madan?)" We had a good Practice Session.

I come home. Deepa asks me, "How many people were there?"

"Seven, Madya was not there", said I.

She was surprised as she knows him as a regular member of the squad. Apart from being a regular figure on the field since the inception of the Club, his stellar achievements have made him the most talked about player in the history of TCA, dare I say.

He has been a student of the game (Now that's a routine statement, but I really mean it). He built his reputation slowly but steadily since 2001. The initial years were definitely explosive and not valuing his precious wicket. Be it TD or Chirag or someone else, each and every one of them have been ruthlessly treated by his towering lofted shots. So many times have we relied on his shoulders to carry the burden of the mess we created in our batsmanship.

Sports critics of the TCA will write about his uncanny ability to dominate and at the same time meekly throwing wicket, at length. But the two of the best qualities I like in this pal of ours are as follows:

The frenzy with which he bats. The same frenzy you see when a world class surfer boards his surf amidst giant waves, when a maverick plays the tricks, when and how a true drunkard sips his wine. These forces can not be controlled by the so called thoughts of sanity of mortals. You could not tell a frenzied person to not pursue the passion. That person so drenched in such unfathomable joy of the moment that the calming words of team-mates fall on deaf ears. I have rarely seen such oblivion. Of course, when the wicket falls, the reality prevails, the head is held in palms of two hands -- but that hardly matters. The moment is lived in thorough richness. That's why I say -- Let him be himself. It is hard to tame a tiger.

The other unique thing is about bringing life to the game. The cheering while on field, comments full of wits, impeccable observations about the opposing batsmen, reasoning behind field placing, candid remarks about little mistakes of fellow team-mates that they thought went unnoticed :) and so on.

Hats off to a great star of SCC.


  • Nice posting, Kedar. We've had great contributions from a variety of players, but Madan has always been the one who is fun to watch. His role in SatCC has been similar to Flintoff's for England. Anyone who plays against SatCC has to hope it's not Madan's day.

    By Blogger Alan, at 9:15 PM  

  • Madan is a true champion and most fun player to watch in the entire TCA. The analogy with a "drunkard sipping wine" is right on. Nice post, Kedar. But I am sure he still has many more exploits and magical moments left in his Sat CC career.

    Here are my top three Madan moments:
    3. His towering six against Bhola XI on Thomas Russell as Sat CC chased a target of 80 easily. That was way back in 2002.
    2. The towering six off TD in last years semis against Acers.
    1. Just as I remember Sachin's five wicket haul against Australia bowling leg-breaks, or Sachin's Hero Cup final over against South Africa, Madan's fiery ball against Islanders is by far the his best moment as a bowler.

    Here's to many more this season.


    By Blogger Abhay Kulkarni, at 9:39 PM  

  • Good Post. It was also nice to read that you were able to make it to the practice session.:-) Once upon a time I even heard that on his machine, TCA's page popes as homepage during regular season. We should also give credits to Sheetal, for allowing him to conitnue his cricket activites during weekend !!! Let's hope new generation of SatCC will learn from Madan and will take Sat CC to next level.

    By Blogger Vishal, at 9:42 PM  

  • Nice article Kedar. Madan has been the leader of SCC and I feel that his best is yet to come. Watching his innings against Acers in 2005 semis was a treat and his express delivery to get the last wicket against Islanders.

    By Blogger Ashish, at 10:49 AM  

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