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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Day of the Yankee

On a day when the New York Yankees blanked Chicago White Sox 5-0, the biggest Yankees fan in the SCC team worked his MAGIC to win us our third match in the TCA Open 2005 with some of his YANKEE MOJO.

We were playing Deep Creek CC at Booster Park. They are not amongst the top tier of teams in TCA and their was talk amongst us of using this match as practice for future rounds. However, we were brought to ground in the first over of the game. Deep Creek CC put us into bat, and before the team was settling outside the boundary lines, SCC lost Sanjay (1/2). In walked Ashish to join Parag.

The ball was keeping low initially, and there was some awkward bounce every once in a while. Both batsmen were finding it extremely hard to get runs. Parag, not in touch at all, lost his patience in the 6th over and handed a catch at point (14/2).
Abhay was sent in to up the run rate, but he was back in the pavilion soon, trying to heave one out of orbit(18/3 in 8th over).

The run rate was not moving up at all and there was considerable concern in the SCC camp. These concerns were allayed though as Ashish started finding his bearings and Shiv, who went in next, got going in his normal busy fashion. The two started running hard and put pressure on the opposition bowling. Shiv's unorthodox methods, and Ashish's textbook drives put Deep Creek CC on the backfoot and the scoring rate improved. The two carried on very well to carve a 25 run partnership before Shiv got out trying to cut a real wide ball for an important 12(43/4 in 12 overs).

Madan joined Ashish and was subjected to a rigourous fitness test. Ashish by now was very well set and decided to be the agressive of the two. He found gaps regularly and ran real hard. Ones were converted to twos and twos to threes. Overs between 13 and 16 fetched 30 runs. Ashish was the wrecker in chief. Madan was out of his breath and lost his wicket trying to hit his way out of tiredness. He scored 11.

Ashish lost his wicket the very next ball (75/5 in 17 overs), but by then he had made 34 runs of the highest quality. On a day when most SCC batsmen could not buy runs, he got his in 42 balls, on the way pulling SCC out of trouble from 18/3. He was involved in two partnerships of 25 and 32, and spent time at the wicket from the 1st over to the 17th. It was a very well compiled innings as his last 31 runs came of 30 balls, after taking his time to get started.

Viral then hit a quickfire 13 not out of 11 balls, combining with Nadeem to score 11 runs of the last over. SatCC ended up scoring 95 for 7 in the allocated 20 overs. The last 13 overs fetched 77 runs (at 6 per over) after the first 7 fetched 18.

It was going to take some real good batting by the opposition to deny SatCC from this point, but Deep Creek CC were not up for a fight. By the end of 4th over, they were 7/2. By the end of the 5th over, they were 9/5. This was the most interesting over of the Deep Creek CC innings as they had no answers to Ranjeet. Ranjeet, making a comeback after a real long time, bowled as though he had not missed a beat. He was bang on target from the first ball, and got 2 wickets of consecutive balls in his first over itself.

The Deep Creek CC innings folded soon after as SatCC wrapped up the tail quickly. Deep Creek CC ended up on 23/9, as they were one batsmen short. Ranjeet was the pick of the bowlers and ended up with figures of 3-0-5-3.

Ashish was the undisputed choice for Man of the Match. He bailed out SatCC today with his intelligent batting. While his efforts were brilliant, and there was good positive batting by Shiv and Viral, the rest of us still need to do a lot of work. Real good teams will not let us off the mat so easily. The trick is going to be to make sure we dont find ourselves backed into a corner. The quest to find ways and means to achieve this continues, even as we get ready for the last game of the 1st round next weekend.

So long for now. Someone from the team will be back here with the next match report next week. Before I end, Salutations once again to the Yankee fan for covering our backs today.



  • Magical innings by Magic. Hats off!
    Good report, too. Ranjeet is as lethal as ever.
    Overall, great cricket by SCC.

    By Blogger KedarsThoughtsWork, at 9:45 PM  

  • Deep Creek dropped a lot of catches and very miserable on the field and we just exploited it. They dropped me twice (once when I was on 1 or 2 odd runs) and next when I probably was around 20-25 odd. Our starts need to improve, against this team we were 18/3 in 7 overs. This won't fly in next rounds.

    By Blogger Ashish, at 3:25 PM  

  • Gud Jaaaaaaaaaaaaab! Ashish
    Must have been a nice innings.

    By Blogger Devendra Chitale, at 12:27 AM  

  • Great batting Ashish despite getting dropped multiple times.

    Great Bowling as Well !!!

    By Blogger Vishal, at 9:13 AM  

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